4 Reasons to Consider Taking College Courses in High School

Taking college courses in high school may not be as intimidating as you think. Students who approach their education with intentionality, can construct a high school schedule that earns them college credit. This can be accomplished through both concurrent enrollment and AP courses. Students should start by finding out which college courses are offered at their high school, then make sure the colleges of their choice will accept will accept those credits. Students may also look into dual enrollment, since their high school may not offer a wide range of college courses. This little bit of planning and execution can put students years ahead in their education. Here are 4 reasons students should consider taking advantage of college courses in high school:

1.     Cost

The average 3 credit college class can cost anywhere between $450-$1600 dollars. That means every college class you take in high school can translate over to $450-$1600+ into your pocket.  Never mind the reality of potential student loan debt and the interest that would accrue on top of that.

2.     Time

College courses taken in high school can save students mass amounts of the most important commodity… time. While college courses are generally more difficult, what students may not understand is that much of the curriculum for high school and college overlap. For example, the majority of the curriculum for high school pre-calculus is the same as Math 1050, 1060. If students are going to learn the same things, why not put in a little extra work to earn college credit.

3.     Education and Skills Development

We can’t forget the purpose of education in the first place. Hal Elrod, stated “Your level of success, in every area of your life, will always parallel your level of personal development. If you want Level 10 success in any area of your life, you must first develop yourself to be a Level 10 person in that area.” School is there to advance our education and ultimately our lives. If students can get rid of the fear of messing up their GPA, and go in with the mindset of simply becoming smarter, then college courses can be a great opportunity for students to stretch themselves.

4.     Friends and Network

Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Whether that is true or not, we all know our friends have a big impact on our trajectory for achieving success. Students who surround themselves with friends who have good study habits, will likely be more successful in education as a whole.

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