Partnership Programs

Many accredited schools and programs partner with us for educational support and efficiency.

Combining Resources for Optimal Opportunity

Because of size or budget restraints, many schools have a hard time providing a full spectrum of courses or services.


Alta Independent's system can be catered to assist both public and private schools as well as non-academic programs to offer full or part-time academics for their students or clients.

For only $150/month, students receive:
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Student Live Chat Support
  • Record Keeping
  • Transcripts
  • Student Mentoring
  • Regular Reports and Updates
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Graduation Plans
  • Continued Training

Who We Work With

We are always looking for new partners. We love working together to improve services.

Residential Treatment Centers

Public and Private Schools
(accredited and non-accredited)

Juvenile Correctional Facilities

Wilderness Programs

Short Term Stay Programs


Flexible, Engaging Curriculum
for All Types of High School Students

Our creative educational solutions allow our students to work at their own pace through our online platform. We help you get ready for a higher education, a new career, and to advance into the competitive workforce.

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