Credit Capture

Many specialized programs work with us in order to capture high school credit for their students

Educational Opportunities through Private and Public Programs

We have formed unique partnerships with specialized programs for students who are receiving training above and beyond what is provided in a normal high school setting.

Alta Independent Works With:

Club Sports

Music Lessons

Technical Schools


Summer Camps

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  Each program expands our campus and allows for greater opportunities for students to learn and grow through programs that are:




Student Application:

Fill out the following form for additional information.  You will be sent an email with detailed instructions on how to enroll and begin earning credits through your specialized program!

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Owners and Managers of Specialized Programs:

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Added Benefits for Programs and Students

Our Specialized Program Benefits:

Credits can be transferred to their current high school or applied towards a diploma from Alta Independent High School.

We will evaluate your program to determine if it qualifies under our current guidelines.  Our partnership may provide added benefits for your programs and your students:

  • Instruction and participation applies towards credit
  • Students have more time for core classes
  • Students have more time for homework
  • More participation allows for increased program profits
  • Earlier graduation
  • Increased cumulative GPA

Alta Independent is an added benefit to your program. Historically credits were only offered to main-stream public school programs like football or basketball. We now make it possible for other programs outside of public schools to have the same benefit.


Flexible, Engaging Curriculum
for All Types of High School Students

Our creative educational solutions allow our students to work at their own pace through our online platform. We help you get ready for a higher education, a new career, and to advance into the competitive workforce.

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