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Our graduates have been accepted into prestigious colleges and universities, including UCLA, Purdue, Clemson, Brigham Young University and many more (including the Astrophysics Program at the University of Minnesota).

High School Diploma

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Partnership Programs

Credit Capture

High School Diploma for Adults

Creative Solutions for Educational Needs

We offer a full range of courses for grades 6 through 12. We also partner with other specialized programs so students can earn credit outside of a normal school setting. This provides greater educational variety.


We offer courses that qualify you for high-end universities. Our accredited programs prepare you for success.

Customized to Any Level

We understand that every student is on their own level. We have a variety of courses to suit the needs of all students.

Specialized Course Credit

We work with special programs such as dance studios, sports clubs, and more to offer high school credit.


Get Credit For Outside Activities

Earn credit for dance, sports, drama, and more!

Because we understand that lessons learned from everyday experiences are important, we have partnered with other programs and created systems catered to the student. This allows students to acquire high school credit through a multitude of options not provided by a traditional school.

We are accredited, so our courses are accepted and transferable to other institutions throughout the United States and many programs internationally.

We Provide Affordable Online Courses

"After graduating from Alta Independent our daughter was accepted into five universities.  She decided to attend University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She was accepted into the UCLA College of Letters and Science with Chemistry as her major.  I appreciate everything you do!"

~ Nicole,
San Jose, California

"Our son was really struggling in the public school setting. As a family, we decided to enroll him in the online program at Alta Independent.  It was such a blessing. He was able to take courses above his current grade level without the distractions he encountered daily in the middle school that he was attending. He will now be able to graduate a year early because of your self paced program. Thank you!"

~ D.J.,
Redlands, California

"Alta Independent has truly provided a way to continue the level of dance training I need while still enjoying a traditional high school experience. This has been a life saver for me!  I would definitely recommend Alta Independent to any student who is receiving specialized professional training."

~ Ali,
Orem, Utah

Accredited Through Advanc-ED & NWAC

We are accredited. Our courses are accepted and transferable to other institutions throughout the United States and many programs internationally.


Flexible, Engaging Curriculum
for All Types of High School Students

Our creative educational solutions allow our students to work at their own pace through our online platform. We help you get ready for a higher education, a new career, and to advance into the competitive workforce.

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