Computer Science II - EL5723

Course Description

This is the second semester of a two class series.

Computer Science introduces students to the basics of computer science through a series of Python® programming projects that encourage creativity and experimentation. In its second half, the course advances the student’s knowledge of Python software and programming skills through a series of complex programming projects that require creative thinking and problem solving. Students create a diverse portfolio of projects as they learn commands and functions, values and variables, Graphical User Interface, modular and object-oriented programming, and events and event-driven processes. Students learn loops, debugging techniques, software development processes (including iterative and incremental models), arrays and sets, generators and namespaces, loops, packages and libraries, randomness, and file handling. Students also learn to program simple games. Throughout the course, students explore careers in programming, including profiles from a wide variety of programming professionals.

Alta Independent Description
Course Number EL5723
Credits 0.50
Prerequisites Computer Science I
Estimated Hours 60 Hours