Engineering Design II - EL5729

Course Description

This is the second semester (0.50 credit) course of a two semester (1.0 credit) course.

Engineering Design introduces students to computer-aided design, including the creation of geometric forms, interpreting 2D and 3D drawings of objects, and editing isometric and perspective drawings in a professional CAD environment. Students learn the steps of the design process by modeling and building paper towers, bridges, or platforms. Projects include orthographic projections of 3D objects, isometric drawings, designing a 3D container, and applying math and geometry skills to models and engineering processes. Students produce drawings to meet design specifications, create oblique and perspective CAD drawings, edit drawings in a 3D CAD environment, and apply reverse engineering to an object to explore its parts, aesthetics, and manufacturing process. Students also learn Creo™ Elements/Direct™, a 3D CAD modeling program used by professional engineers.

Alta Independent Description
Course Number EL5729
Credits 0.50
Prerequisites Engineering Design I
Estimated Hours 60 Hours