English 6 - LA3006 Semesters A & B

Course Description

This is a full year course that is broken down into two 0.50 (half) credit semesters.

This course eases students’ transition to middle school with engaging, age-appropriate literary and informational reading selections. Students learn to read critically, analyze texts, and cite evidence to support ideas as they read essential parts of literary and informational texts and explore a full unit on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Through the Looking Glass. Vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills are sharpened through lessons that give students explicit modeling and ample practice. Students also engage in routine, responsive writing based on texts they have read. In extensive, process-based writing lessons, students write topical essays in narrative, informative, analytical, and argumentative formats. In this full-year course, students develop a mastery of reading, writing, and language arts skills.

Alta Independent Description
Course Number LA3006
Credits 1.0
Prerequisites None
Estimated Hours 120 Hours