English 8 - LA3008 Semesters A & B

Course Description

This is a full year course that is broken down into two 0.50 (half) credit semesters.

In this course, students build on their knowledge and blossom as thoughtful readers and clear, effective writers. A balance of literary and informational texts engage students throughout the course in reading critically, analyzing texts, and citing evidence to support claims. Students sharpen their vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills through lessons designed to provide explicit modeling and ample opportunities to practice. Students also routinely write responses to texts they have read, and use more extensive, process-based lessons to produce full-length essays in narrative, informative, analytical, and argumentative formats. In this full year course, students develop a mastery of reading, writing, and language arts skills.

Alta Independent Description
Course Number LA3008
Credits 1.0
Prerequisites English 7
Estimated Hours 120 Hours