Life Science - SC1112 Semesters A & B

Course Description

This is a full year course that is broken down into two 0.50 (half) credit semesters.

Examining a broad spectrum of the biological sciences, Life Science is a full-year course for middle school students that builds on basic principles of scientific inquiry and translates those skills to more complex, overarching biological themes. The course includes units that help students understand the definitions, forms, and classifications of living organisms and learn to analyze the diversity of each unique group of living organisms. Other units introduce students to the structures and functions of cells, cell theory, and cell reproduction. These larger themes are then applied to other topics, such as genetics, Darwinian theory, and human biology and health. An introduction of ecology draws all of these concepts together to examine the interrelationships that help to maintain life on Earth.

Alta Independent Description
Course Number SC1112
Credits 1.0
Prerequisites None
Estimated Hours 120 Hours